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Tired at Work? Algae Can Help!

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What You’ll Learn

  • Algae can help you stay focused at work and improve memory function with its rich concentration of essential fatty acids.
  • Spirulina and chlorella’s high levels of tryptophan, which is the precursor to serotonin, can help combat workplace blues and improve your mood.
  • Algae contains the highest protein concentration of any food and can help you stay energized, avoiding fatigue at work.

The arrival of June means the arrival of summer and its lovely, warm days encouraging us to relax and enjoy more leisure. But for most of us, summer offers little break from the daily grind (unless you are a student). It’s hard to stay motivated at your job when it’s warm and sunny outside! But never fear because algae is here to help!

Improved Focus

Have you ever been in a meeting early on a Monday morning and found yourself struggling to stay focused? Us too! Many jobs, especially those requiring long days sitting at a desk or staring at computer screens, can cause serious mental strain. You also don’t want your boss to catch you zoning out or sleeping at your desk! Fortunately, algae can help improve your cognitive capabilities and your focus so you can reduce long-term eye strain or brain drain!

Algae can help you stay focused at work its rich concentration of essential fatty acids.

Algae is abundant with essential fatty acids. Researchers found that the consumption of essential fatty acids can create positive physiological and behavioral benefits, including improved cognition. In fact, one study showed that maintaining high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in the brain is essential for a high quality of life, productivity, and personal advancement in general.[1]

Good news! Algae, especially spirulina algae, is rich in essential fatty acids. That’s why adding it to your daily diet can help you stay focused, improve your problem-solving skills, and help keep you productive at work. If only it could help you get that raise you deserve!

Improved Memory with Spirulina and Chlorella

Essential fatty acids found in algae can also help you at work by improving memory function. One study showed that DHA, one particular fatty acid, contributes to improved memory function in adults.[2] You don’t want to forget deadlines or lunch, so get your daily dose of DHA by eating algae!

Additionally, oxidative stress is one of the major contributors to memory loss and cognitive decline. Algae, especially spirulina, has been proven to effectively help prevent the loss of memory by reducing oxidative damage in the brain.[3]

Algae, especially spirulina, has been proven to effectively help prevent the loss of memory by reducing oxidative damage in the brain.

However, spirulina isn’t the only algae that can help keep your brain and mental faculties in tip-top shape. Researchers also found that chlorella consumption has the potential to prevent the progression of cognitive impairment.[4] It seems that adding spirulina and chlorella algae to your diet may help reduce cognitive decline and who doesn’t want to stay sharp and focused for success!

Stay Positive with Algae

Ultimately long days working inside in the summer may be unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to take a toll on your mood. Algae is an excellent food for balancing blood sugar, and this can also help stabilize and improve your mood.

In one study, scientists studied the effect of algae extract on participants suffering from mood disorders like depression and anxiety. At the end of the study, researchers concluded that the participants taking algae extract had significantly positive changes in their quality of life, mood, anxiety, and depressive attitude.[5] Wow, sign me up.

Spirulina and chlorella’s high levels of tryptophan can help combat workplace blues

Another way of maintaining a positive attitude is by ensuring you have adequate neurotransmitters called melatonin and serotonin. The precursor to serotonin is tryptophan, an essential amino acid found in many protein-based foods.[6] Depleted or low serotonin levels in the brain have adverse effects on mood and cognition, often increasing feelings of anxiety or depression. That’s why maintaining proper levels of the serotonin precursor, tryptophan, is extremely important in mood regulation.[7]

Well, guess what? Algae has the highest concentration of tryptophan in the world and is a great way to ensure you have enough serotonin to boost your mood. Goodbye, workplace blues! Want a deeper dive into the importance of tryptophan and the effect it has on your mood and sleep? We wrote an earlier post about this so check it out!

Combat Workplace Fatigue

Long days staring at a screen and sitting in an uncomfortable chair can leave you yearning for an afternoon nap. But most of us can’t take time out for a nap in the middle of the day, so for a quick pick-me-up, look no further than algae.

Spirulina is ideal for boosting energy since it contains all the B Vitamins, Nitric Oxide, and Iron. The B Vitamins are what convert glucose to energy, Nitric Oxide helps improve blood flow, and Iron is essential for delivering oxygen throughout the body. Researchers from Ohio State University showed that after eight weeks, participants taking spirulina demonstrated significant reductions in feelings of mental and physical fatigue.[8]

Algae can help improve your cognitive capabilities and reduce brain drain

Spirulina also contains an exceptionally high concentration of protein, almost three times the amount found in steak or vegetable protein sources like soy.[9] Protein is what keeps your appetite satisfied so you can plow through your workload with zest instead of rest! Also, spirulina is a complete source of protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids[10], and this makes spirulina an excellent source of protein and energy! What’s even better is that spirulina comes in tiny tablets like ENERGYbits that you toss in your handbag or gym bag and snack on when you are heading to work or a workout!

Get the Most out of Your Summer with Algae!

In summary, we all love summer, but it doesn’t have to be a time when your success in the workplace declines. Let spirulina and chlorella keep you energized you, help you remember your to-do list, and make sure you stay positive in the office. Enjoy your summer, algae lovers!

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