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100% Organic Spirulina
100% Organic Chlorella
50% Spirulina 50% Chlorella
100% Organic Spirulina

Making Life Better Bit by Bit

Our Spirulina and Chlorella are a great way to make optimal nutrition a quick and easy part of your day.

Plant-Based Workout Fuel
Give your body the protein and micro-nutrients it needs to preform without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The Perfect Travel Food
Bits are easy to pack and eat on the run. Whether you travel by plane, train or automotive, bits have your back.

Daily Greens in One Minute
Making sue your family eats veggies doesn't need to be a struggle. Think of bits as your daily greens insurance!

No More "Hangry"
Say goodbye to mindless snacking and sugar cravings. Our bits help you stay fuller longer and conquer the day.
"I am a very busy working mom and bits give me the health and energy boost that I need to keep up with it all. My kids love bits too when I mix them with juice!"

- Megan H.

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Meet Spirulina

(ENERGYbits® & BEAUTYbits®)

Spirulina algae is a cultivated algae which has been consumed for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples in Mexico and Africa. It has the highest concentration of protein earth - triple that of steak as well as the second highest concentration of an Essential Fatty Acid called GLA (second only to mother's milk). Its nutrient profile is so similar to mothers milk, it is considered a "perfect food." Spirulina is a type of algae that has been recognized (along with chlorella) as one of the world’s healthiest foods.

And Chlorella

(RECOVERYbits® )

Chlorella is an oxygen based algae. Oxygen is known to kill bacteria and viruses which is great news. So when you take RECOVERYbits®, algae which are 100% chlorella, all the great oxygen that is in the chlorella goes to work killing bacteria in your body while its high concentration of antioxidants fight free radicals and high concentration of chlorophyll sweeps through your immune system to give it a boost. Taking chlorella is almost like having an entire medical team working for you, on the inside 24/7.


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The Pro's Love Our Algae Too!

Ben Greenfield

"When it comes to nutrient density, you simply cannot beat chlorella and spirulina. But not all algae is created equal, which is why I swear by ENERGYbits as my go-to algae source, bar none."

Ben Greenfield

"ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits are the highest quality spirulina and chlorella. I relied on ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits heavily as a crew member on the NASA NEEMO 22 mission."

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, PhD
Research Scientist, IHMC
ketonutrition.org | metabolichealthsummit.com
Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

Algae Supports Our Sustainable Future



Fish get their Omega-3 from algae. You should too. Algae is safer, sustainable , vegan and protects the oceans from over fishing.


Algae produces 100X more protein than cattle and creates zero waste. This efficient nutrition protects our land.


Algae provides over 80% of earth's oxygen and even removes C02. Thanks to algae, we breath deeper and better. Ohmmm..


Water is a precious resource. Algae farming uses 20% less fresh water than land-based crops such as wheat and corn.
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We grow our algae outdoors in carefully monitored fresh water tanks fed by triple-filtered spring mountain water. You can't find a water source or algae that is purer or cleaner.


We use sound vibrations to crack our chlorella, passing the chlorella through a sound chamber. Most chlorella companies use an older technique to crack the chlorella. They tumble it with glass beads that leak lead into the chlorella.


We have all our algae tested in Taiwan before it is shipped to us ot guarantee it is pure, safe, and toxin-free. For added safety, we test our algae a second time here in the USA at an FDA-approved 3rd party lab.
Optimize your health with the power of Algae