Detailed Nutrition Information and Charts

We’ve created a few charts to illustrate some of the nutritional details in our tablets. The two algae in our products are spirulina and chlorella. Both of them contain over 60% protein, 40 nutrients, and no artificial ingredients. There is NO iodine in our algae because we grow our algae in freshwater farms. The water is triple filtered spring mountain water. The result is a product with zero iodine.

Nutrient Profiles

There is an amazing amount of nutrition in spirulina and chlorella. NASA even grows spirulina to be used as a nutritionally dense source of food for astronauts in space! While both very nutritious, spirulina and chlorella do have different nutrient profiles as shown below.

Nutrition in a single serving of ENERGYbits Spirulina Algae
Nutrition in a single serving of RECOVERYbits Chlorella Algae

Curious about the differences between the two algae?

Nutrition in a single serving of ENERGYbits Spirulina Algae

Curious about How Algae Nutrition Compares with other Ingestibles?

Nutrients Comparison Chart
Benefits Comparison Chart

Additional Nutritional Information

ENERGYbits Snack Comparison Chart

This chart illustrates how our ENERGYbits compare to energy drinks, protein bars, and other sports nutrition. As you can see from the chart, most other energy products contain large amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients.

In contrast, our algae tablets are clean, green fuel that provide you with over forty vitamins and minerals, 64% protein and Essential Fatty Acids. That’s why we have over sixty professional and Olympic athletes who endorse us and use our products.

ENERGYbits Protein and Antioxidant Chart

This chart shows you how ENERGYbits compare to other protein and antioxidant sources and makes it clear they are the best source of both.

ENERGYbits have three times as much protein as steak and far more protein than soy, nuts or any other protein option. Even better, this plant-based protein is highly absorbable and bio-available to your body. In fact all the protein in our ENERGYbits is already in amino acid form so your body doesn’t have to break it down as it does with animal protein.

ENERGYbits are also loaded with antioxidants – and in fact they far exceed the antioxidants levels found in other healthy foods.

RECOVERYbits Vitamin K2 Comparison Chart

This chart demonstrates how much higher the level of Vitamin K2 is in RECOVERYbits compared to conventional foods. Vitamin K2 is responsible for moving calcium out of places like blood vessels (where it shouldn’t be) and into bones and teeth (where it should be). Vitamin K2 has also been found to be essential for brain health and for the regulation of some cellular functions in the human body.

BEAUTYbits®Spirulina Algae

Our algae are a sustainable, cruelty-free source of protein and phytonutrients to keep you feeling your best throughout the day. Not sure which Bits to choose? Give BEAUTYbits® a try!

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