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Mainly Plants Podcast Recap

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Podcast Notes

  • Catharine Arnston, Founder & CEO of ENERGYbits, joins Ryan Furman on his Mainly Plants podcast to discuss the benefits of eating a whole food plant-based diet, and how algae, the most nutrient-dense food in the world, is great to incorporate into your daily routine.
  • Ryan is a certified plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer. Years ago, Ryan thought he HAD to eat meat, that every meal should contain meat, and that animal protein was the holy grail to building muscle. To no surprise, he was taking prescription medication to reduce cholesterol in his twenties and realized he needed to make a major health change, then came his new lifestyle change and the Mainly Plants podcast.
  • Ryan and Catharine discuss her personal journey with discovering algae and how it has changed her life today. They go into great detail about the difference between the two types of algae of ENERGYbits- spirulina and chlorella algae. Ryan and Catharine also discuss that it can be used by anyone from kids, to truck drivers to surgeons, college students, and anyone in-between.
  • Also in this podcast, they dive into the scientific benefits of algae and how it can contribute to better blood pressure, increased energy and focus, bone health, as well as a good source of protein, 40+ minerals and vitamins and much more!


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