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Health Hub Radio Podcast Recap

The Health Hub Radio/Podcast was founded by Cathy Biase, a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and Certified Professional Cancer Coach. Being a breast cancer survivor herself, Cathy knows the importance...

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Healthification Podcast Recap

Kate has created The Strong Body Green Planet, a community, especially for Vegetarians and Vegans. She helps to show individuals how to create a body and a life that they love, through a 100% plant-based, fit, healthy...

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Mainly Plants Podcast Recap

Ryan and Catharine discuss her personal journey with discovering algae, and how it has changed her life today. They go into great detail about the difference between the two types of algae of ENERGYbits- spirulina the...

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Vegan Danielle Podcast Recap

Vegan Danielle discusses everything from the benefits of being vegan as well as hardships and everything in between. Her guests include vegan businesses, activists and professionals who share a passion for living a...

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Better Babies Podcast Recap

Better Babies was founded by Sarah Heywood, a graduate from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. While struggling to get pregnant herself, she was growing tired of doctors trying to prescribe drugs rather than address...