BEAUTYbits® Spirulina | Box of 30 Single Servings

100% Spirulina | Non-GMO | Keto | Vegan

Want clearer skin, more energy, a healthy low-calorie snack? How about a more sustainable, natural way to improve your workouts, sharpen your focus, cut back on caffeine, or fight your chocolate cravings? If this sounds great and you want to be more eco-friendly in your food choices or if you just don't have time to cook, BEAUTYbits® are for you!

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Box of 900 Tablets / 225 Grams / 30 Servings (30 tablets per serving)

Who Should Take Bits:

Short answer: Everyone!

But they are especially helpful for people who want a plant-based option for wellness, optimal performance for physical activity, and a fast, easy solution for their nutritional needs.

Who Should Take BEAUTYbits Spirulina Algae

How to Take Bits:

You may only need 3 to 4 tablets at a time. Take more as needed. For best results, we suggest 30 tablets. If you like the taste of green, you can chew them as you would a handful of nuts.

How To Take BEAUTYbits Spirulina Algae

When to Take Bits:

You can take them whenever you are tired or hungry. They are great before any athletic activity for more energy. Take them any time you need a quick, easy, healthy, high-protein snack.

When You Should Take BEAUTYbits Spirulina Algae

Beauty from the Inside:

Spirulina algae tablets are your answer for looking younger and feeling healthier. With over 40 micronutrients and plenty of protein, BEAUTYbits will stop your cravings, improve your focus and give you a steady stream of energy throughout day – all in an easy to carry tin!

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