Reviews and Support From the Bits Community

Athlete Testimonials

Anastasia Bucsis Speed Skating

Anastasia Bucsis

"I take Bits because they're so easy and effective. They are all natural and provide sustained energy, so no matter what my day may throw at me, I know I have an extra little boost of energy and confidence. I take my Bits with my vitamins in the morning, so it's easy and I don't go out of my way trying to find nutrition. ENERGYbits are so easy to transport to the rink/in my gym bag, so I know I'll always have some on hand in case of an emergency..."

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield

"When it comes to nutrient density for omnivores, vegans, vegetarians and anyone looking to optimize their diet with dense quantities of protein, amino acids, fatty acids, DHA, antioxidants and more, you simply cannot beat chlorella and spirulina. But not all algae is created equal, which is why I swear by ENERGYbits as my go-to algae source, bar none."

David Morris Aerial Freestyle Skiing

David Morris

"I take 30 ENERGYbits half an hour before my workouts, training and competitions... I like them because it takes 10 seconds to consume them, it's no effort, and I don't get sick when I immediately jump on the trampoline... I take them when I'm tired or unmotivated and I find I just feel the need to go and do something, and the feeling last for ages. I took ENERGYbits twice during my 6 hour Olympic comp and stayed on the ball right until the end."


Practitioner Testimonials

Jenna Braddock, RDN Nutritionist

Jenna Braddock, RDN

"Bits provide an easy to use way to daily benefit from the nutrients in spirulina algae. I’m excited to continue to learn about and experience the benefits of this super food."

Dr. Dominic D'Agostino Scientist

Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

"ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits are the highest quality spirulina and chlorella and they remain one of my staple keto-friendly foods for peak energy and performance. I relied on ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits heavily as a crew member on the NASA NEEMO 22 mission."

Dr. Leigh Scarber Physical Therapist

Dr. Leigh Scarber

"My mission in life is to educate friends, family, (and anyone else willing to listen) about the joys of running and eating well, especially while including ENERGYbits! I'm powered by Bits for all running activities and life!"


Family Testimonials

Meagan Dunn-Cole Running

Meagan Dunn-Cole

"Bits are a perfect addition to a healthy active lifestyle and give kids the energy they need when paired with a healthy diet. [My son] has had noticeably fewer colds and illnesses than other children in his class. There’s only one ingredient in Bits and I love that I don't have to worry about sugars, food coloring, or scary added ingredients."

Erika Edmiston Running

Erika Edmiston

"We had a reduced number of colds and running noses, which has been so nice and my kids (3 & 5) get a kick out of the green tongue they get after chewing Bits! My favorite way to serve them is in smoothies! We were much healthier last winter than we were in previous years. Plus, they give ME energy to keep up with them!"

Kristen Ghaffarian Running

Kristen Ghaffarian

"I've found the best way to keep my boys healthy is to give them RECOVERYbits to support their immune system. When we all started regularly eating RECOVERYbits, we experienced a lot less sickness. We are vegetarians so I also want to make sure my boys get all the nutrients they need, especially because they can be picky! My youngest loves to chew his [Bits]. I'm so happy to be able to give my kids bits to keep them healthy!"


Health Conscious Testimonials

Ayesha Akhtar Running

Ayesha Akhtar

"ENERGYbits gave me sufficient energy to complete tough brick workouts from the pool to the bike to the pavement. I continued taking them during Ramadan while fasting and was astounded with how much energy I had all day! I love how natural and simple they are."

Ali Baldassare Fitness

Ali Baldassare

"Whether I'm running, teaching class, or training clients ENERGYbits are a huge part of my daily nutrition. They help keep me on top of my game and give me the endurance to perform at my best. They also keep me physically and mentally strong. It's a simple, effective, 100% natural way to get the vitamins & minerals your body needs."

Mark Turner Triathlon

Mark Turner

"ENERGYbits are a big bang for the buck real food fuel. The protein and amino acids in ENERGYbits provide real energy for sustaining long intense efforts with a minimum caloric delivery for age groupers who, in many cases, would benefit greatly from gaining muscle and losing body fat. Just as beneficial, after workouts and races, RECOVERYbits help rebuild those muscles for the needed proper recovery with that same minimum caloric hit."



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