What is Chlorella?

About Chlorella Chlorella is a strain of green algae that grows in fresh water. We grow ours organically in Taiwan in carefully monitored tanks. This super food first appeared on earth over 540 million years ago, and is related to spirulina algae - the very first form of plant life found on earth over two billion years ago. There are even fossils from the pre-Cambrian period that indicate the presence of chlorella from these early times. In fact, many scientists credit chlorella for oxygenating the planet so other life could grow. If chlorella could do that for the earth, just imagine all the great things it can do for your body.

Chlorella is an oxygen based algae. Oxygen is known to kill bacteria and viruses which is great news. So when you take RECOVERYbits®, algae which are 100% chlorella, all the great oxygen that is in the chlorella goes to work killing bacteria in your body while its high concentration of antioxidants fight free radicals and high concentration of chlorophyll sweeps through your immune system to give it a boost. Taking chlorella is almost like having an entire medical team working for you, on the inside 24/7.

 Chlorella Health Benefits :

  • Helps Athletic Recovery
  • Helps Build Immune System
  • Helps Prevent Hangovers
  • Helps Longevity and Wellness
  • Helps Detox and Cleanse
  • Helps Digestion


Chlorella is known as Nature’s perfect superfood because it contains the widest range of essential nutrients available from any single food source. It contains over forty nutritients, including potassium, all of the B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and iron, eighteen amino acids, beta carotene, lutein, RNA, DNA and so much more. Some say chlorella has over a hundred nutrients but we stopped counting after forty. Chlorella also has five times the amount of chlorophyll as wheat grass.

Chlorophyll has long been recognized as one of the best nutrients in the world due to its immune building and cleansing abilities. Just image how supercharged your health will be when you start taking chlorella, which has five times the cleansing power of wheat grass.If this wasn't enough to crown chlorella as the superhero of super foods, consider that chlorella is 60% protein. German scientists won the Nobel Prize in the early 1900's for discovering it had the highest concentration of protein in the world (other than spirulina which has 64% protein), a concentration of protein that is almost three times that of steak. 

In fact, chlorella algae contains so much nutrition that forty years ago, the World Bank and the United Nations both declared it the healthiest food in the world. Even NASA says "1 gram of algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 grams of fruits and vegetables" Wow, that's a lot of groceries!

To get the same amount of pure nutrition found in one bag of RECOVERYbits® chlorella tabs, we estimate you would have to spend at least $500 and purchase 50 lbs - 100 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, consume tens of thousands of calories and spend at least 30 hours in food preparation! This is one of the many reasons why we are so excited and hope you will RECOVERYbits®. They not only save you time and money but they make it so much easier for you to be healthy and nourished. 

High Value Nutrition

Chlorella tabs are the best deal in town, giving you all the nutrition you need for pennies. All with no effort!.

One serving of RECOVERYbits® chlorella (30 tabs)  has the nutritional equivalent of one protein serving and three servings of fresh green vegetables (without the pesticides or calories of course).  Wouldn't you like to like to take a take a handful of RECOVERYbits every day so you can.....

  • have your health improve all for the same cost as your daily fix at Starbucks?
  • get all of your daily nutrition needs met in less than 5 seconds?
  • get all of your daily nutrition needs met at an average cost of $3.00 a serving?
  • simplify your life and save money by not needing any other vitamins
  • get all of your daily nutrition needs met for only thirty calories a serving?
  • use your extra free time to have fun with your friends, family or to workout?
  • stop beating yourself up for not eating more greens?

In addition to being 60% protein and having all of the key nutritional components that your body needs, chlorella also has the powerful ability to detox your body and eliminate chemicals, pesticides and other toxins that you ingest or absorb on a daily basis. Yes, even alcohol. Taking chlorella every day can help remove additives that are present in the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe and the materials you interact with. You take a shower every day to clean your body on the outside. Right? Well, taking RECOVERYbits every day, is like giving your body a bath/shower on the inside! This is because chlorella binds to toxins and quietly removes them from your body. Chlorella even identifies alcohol as a toxin, so  swallowing a handful of RECOVERYbits®) after drinking alcohol, pulls the alcohol out of your bloodstream to help sober you up in just a few hours and prevent a hangover the next morning. Just be sure to take enough of them (we recommend 40-75 tabs depending on your build and the amount of alcohol you have consumed. Take them AFTER drinking.

Chlorella also improves your digestion because it populates your lower intestine with healthy bacteria. That's why taking RECOVERYbits® prior to meals will help your digestion.  You can take RECOVERYbits any time of the day or night and we recommend you swallow them due to their strong green taste. Take them alone or before meals, sprinkled over salads, mixed into yogurt or crushed into smoothies. We recommend moms put a couple of tabs into juice or water bottles for babies or young children, although most kids love to chew them because they make their tongues turn green!  Many adults like to take them before bed so they will never forget to take them after a night of drinking.

They will not interrupt your sleep and in fact, they help you detox while you sleep (your body's natural cleansing cycle is at night). Keep a bag or tin at work so you are reminded to take them every day and can take extra if you ever feel a cold coming.  There isn’t any health situation  that we can think of, that chlorella can’t help. With all of its natural immune building for one calorie per tab, it’s your health dream come true.

Each bag of RECOVERYbits® contains 1,000 tabs of pure, organically grown NON GMO chlorella. We recommend adults take 30 tabs/day so a bag of RECOVERYbits will last a month on average. If you are seeing an immune boost by taking fewer tabs, that's great! Go for it. But we found that an average most people needed 30 tabs daily. Children and pets can have one third of an adult serving size. BITS are not only safe for children and pets, we strongly encourage it! 

Growth Factor

Chlorella Growth Factor is found in chlorella algae and is a substance unique to chlorella. It is not found anywhere else in the world. We know you are likely scratching your head because we are sure you've never heard of Chlorella Growth Factor.  Yes, it sounds weird but it’s real and has been scientifically proven to exist, so bear with us – it’s really worth knowing about.

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is a key component found in the nuclei of chlorella that is unique to chlorella and not found in any other plant or animal. CGF is named for its growth-stimulating properties. Researchers have discovered that CGF is produced by chlorella during the intense photosynthesis that enables chlorella to grow so rapidly. It actually gives the chlorella cell the ability to quadruple itself every twenty to twenty four hours. Don’t you wish your bank account did that? This ability to quadruple itself so rapidly also helps explain why chlorella has been on the planet for over 2 billion years.

So here's the science behind Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). It is a nucleotide-peptide complex of substances that are found only in chlorella. These substances: nucleic acids, amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides, and beta glucans nourish and replenish your body. These powerful phytonutrients (plant-derived substances) contain vitamins, polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and an abundance of nucleic acids. CGF is not found in any other vitamin, mineral, herb, or food, it is only found in chlorella. It's presence helps explain why chlorella algae has been considered "the fountain of youth" because it helps your cells and your RNA/DNA duplicate and replicate faster and in a healthier form, and this helps you feel and stay more youthful.

So break out the party hats and rejoice that you have finally discovered chlorella! It will help your vitality, your health and your body in ways you never thought possible. All thanks to Mother Nature. Thanks Mom.


Chlorella was discovered by scientists in the late 1800's by a Dutch microbiologist, Dr. Bilin who named chlorella after "chlor" which means green and "ella" which means a small thing. Then, at the very end of the 1930s, a scientist in Germany (Dr. Lidner) reported that chlorella contains a very high volume of high quality protein. This led to the Germans winning a Nobel prize and caused a sensation around the world (which would have been even greater if they’d had Facebook or Twitter to spread the word) as scientists realized that chlorella could be used as a valuable source of high protein food. This finding was quite timely because a few short years later, at the end of WWI when there were food shortages, chlorella algae was fed to the German population and prevented mass starvation.

After World War II, chlorella was once again used to prevent starvation. this time it was fed to the Japanese whose food suppy had been wiped out by the Hiroshima bomb. But not only did the chlorella solve their protein needs, it also appeared to remove their radiation poisoning. This led to further research into chlorella and the discovery that it absorbed toxins.  The U.S and the former U.S.S.R continued investigating chlorella for mainstream use but also for use as a space food.  NASA even started using it as a main food source for astronauts and  both the Carnegie Institute and the Rockefeller Institute funded algae research as a possible solution for America’s growing nutrition needs.

The research was so promising that in 1951, The Carnegie Institute funded the world's first commercial algae production plant which was set up in Boston MA, in the Arthur D. Little facility. The facility was only given one year to get up to full production so when chlorella proved more challenging to grow, the pilot plant was shut down. The Japanese then stepped in and moved all chlorella research from USA and Germany over to Japan.  The Japanese were determined to find a way to grow chlorella on a large scale. After all, it had not only fed their people after WW II but had removed their radiation poisoning. After ten years, the research paid off and the Japanese successfully developed techniques that allowed chlorella algae to be grown on a large scale. They even patented a few of the manufacturing techniques and ever since then, the chlorella industry has flourished but remained based in Japan/Asia.

To this day, because of the well known health benefits, most Japanese take chlorella every day. Remarkably while chlorella has been sold in the USA and Canada for over thirty years, virtually no one knows about it. We hope to change that by finally making algae easy to understand and easy to take. The health benefits from chlorella are so long and they're all delivered naturally. No sugar, caffeine, chemicals, gluten, nothing artificial and no side affects either. Just improved vitality and health!  So dust off your little black dress or your rockin’ pair of skinny jeans because you are going to want to take our BITS with you where ever you go. Be green and be well!

Harvesting and Production

When we formed our company, we decided that absolutely every thing had to be the best. We mounted a global search to find the right partner to grow our chlorella algae. It took a year but was worth the wait!  As you will learn here, the harvesting of our chlorella follows a very strict process that not only guarantees you the highest quality strain of chlorella algae (there are many different strains) but also guarantees you the highest quality growing process, drying producess, production process and packaging process. 

Our algae is grown organically in fresh, alkaline water in our pristine facilities in Taiwan. Our growing techniques are the most modern and all our production facilities have passed the ISO 9000 accreditation, which is a world wide manufacturing standard that ensures quality control. Every bag of chlorella algae is date and batch stamped to assure you of these quality control methods. Chlorella is a unique algae. It is microscopic in size and has a hard exterior that needs to be cracked in order for your body to be able to absorb and use all of the nutrition that is in the nucleus of the chlorella.

Chlorella algae is comprised of  three layers. The inner layer is the nucleus and is where all the nutrition is stored. The middle layer contains the thickest cellulose microfiber and the outer layer is extremely hard and is resistant to tearing or breakage. The characteristics of the outer layer of the chlorella are so unique, it allows the chlorella to attach to and absorb toxins of any kind. This is why you should  take chlorella every day. There is no other food in the entire world that can absorb toxins to safely and quickly escort them out of your body like chlorella can. Taking chlorella every day is like having a  daily shower for your insides. Every day it gets rid of all the toxins and junk that you absorbed, which, if left in your body could harm your health.

Not only does the exterior layer of the chlorella absorb toxins, it also protects the nutrients inside of the chlorella so they don’t leak out until they are “ready” to be absorbed and utilized through digestion. This  exterior fiber must be cracked or broken so the nutrients inside can be completely absorbed by your body (and so the outer wall can bind with toxins and remove them from the body).  If the exterior cell wall was not opened, only a small amount of nutrients would be available to your body. According to FDA regulations, all chlorella sold in the United States must be cracked. We crack our chlorella using an expensive, modern technique. Most other algae companies use a very old technology that was developed in Japan forty years ago to crack the chlorella's exterior cell wall.

This older process is a patented technique called DynoMill®. This technology uses thousands of very small glass beads that are placed in a drum with the chlorella and spun together for several minutes. It is an effective way to open the chlorella cell wall. However, in the process, the chlorella cells are exposed to lead and other contamination from the glass beads. This milling process, which can be compared to milling wheat into flour, pulverizes the chlorella cells rather than just gently cracking them open. When the chlorella cell is pulverized it immediately becomes susceptible to oxidation, which leads to degradation of its nutrients. This process also destroys the cell’s membrane, chloroplast, mitochondria and nucleus. The main problem with this method of opening chlorella’s cell wall is that the scrambling of its nutrients significantly decreases its shelf life, which is critical for the nutritional integrity and consumption of chlorella. And it leaks lead into the chlorella. Lead is well documented to cause brain disorders and even death. So, while most chlorella companies still use this forty year old technique to crack their chlorella, we DO NOT.

Our more advanced process preserves the chlorella and protects you from contamination from lead. Our technology is called the Pressure-Release® technique and this method is an entirely new approach to cracking chlorella’s cell wall.  Instead of pulverizing the chlorella, we pass the chlorella algae through a specially designed sound chamber called a Pressure-Release® chamber which uses sound vibration to gently crack open the chlorella. Think of how an opera singer cracks a glass with their voice due to sound vibration and you will understand the process by which we crack the cell walls of our chlorella.  

A few of the many advantages to our technique over the old process include: First, and most importantly,  nothing comes in contact with our chlorella cells. Our process is 100% natural and organic and makes sure that all the nutrients in the chlorella stay intact and  available to you.  Second, our process ensures that our chlorella is not exposed to any heavy metals from glass or other impurities that may be present within the glass, which could potentially prove hazardous to your health. And also since our chlorella has not been pulverized (as it is with the other techniques) all the unique nutrients in our chlorella remain intact and 100% bio available for you when you digest them. Third, our process ensures that there is no oxidation or nutrient degradation which may occur with the older techniques. Our superior process not only gives you and your body access to more nutrients, it also significantly extends the shelf life of our chlorella and guarantees its nutritional integrity.

We are fully committed to ensuring that you and your body gain all of the benefits from chlorella which is why we spent a full year to research and select a partner to grow our algae who met our rigid quality control standards. As a result we can assure you that when you purchase RECOVERYbits® chlorella or any of our other algae tabs, you are getting the highest quality algae with the highest level of purity, nutrition and digestibility. When you take our chlorella, your body and the earth will thank you…and so will we!