Spirulina and Chlorella

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Not all algae is created equal. At ENERGYbits®, we take pride in sharing the highest quality algae. It's our sole focus. We use only the highest quality strains of spirulina and chlorella so our tablets contain the highest nutrient density available. Our quality control is extensive, including ISO 9000 certification, GMP certification, and FDA-approved lab testing for purity.

Carbon-Negative Protein

Finding high-quality, eco-friendly sources of protein is no easy task. Many commercial animal proteins use unsustainable amounts of land and water while releasing high levels of CO2 into the atmosphere. On the other hand, meat-free diets rarely provide enough protein or iron for the average person. Algae use a fraction of the resources animal products require and they release oxygen into the atmosphere. On top of that, spirulina and chlorella are two of the most protein-dense foods in the world. Pounds of Usable Protein per Acre Per Year [1] [2]

Innovative Harvesting

We use an advanced technique that uses sound waves to crack chlorella. We pass the chlorella through a sound chamber and the vibrations do the cracking. Some of our customers have told us that they love the idea that our algae has better energy because it has “good vibrations!” But most importantly, our technique for cracking the chlorella ensures there is no lead exposure. Additionally, since we don’t expose our chlorella to high heat, our technique preserves all the nutrition and enzymes in the chlorella’s raw form.

Global Impact

Spirulina and chlorella are both considered promising solutions to malnutrition and hunger around the world because of their incredible nutrient profiles. In fact, the United Nations created an organization, IIMSAM, that’s sole focus is to spread the awareness and production of spirulina.

"Spirulina represents an interesting food for multiple reasons, rich in iron and protein, and is able to be administered to children without any risk. We at WHO consider it a very suitable food."

- United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland June 8, 1993


To food scientists, it’s a beautiful blue pigment. To researchers it’s an incredibly promising protein because of its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Phycocyanin has a growing base of scientific research demonstrating its profound impact on health. [3]

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Don’t worry about how to say it. We won’t quiz you. What you do need to know about “SOD” is that it is a key antioxidant in the body. Studies show that spirulina raises SOD levels while reducing muscle fatigue and cellular damage. [4] Spirulina has the highest concentration of SOD in any food.


The pigment that makes plants green helps your body detoxify too – and there is a lot of it in algae. For comparison, spinach has one of the highest chlorophyll contents of any food. It contains 23.7mg per cup (30g). The equivalent amount (30g) of chlorella contains a whopping 640mg of chlorophyll!

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)

Chlorella Growth Factor is a compound formed in chlorella during photosynthesis. It stimulates DNA and RNA production, allowing chlorella to grow incredibly fast. You might have guessed that CGF is only found in chlorella. What you may not have guessed is that it has been linked to a range of health benefits including cell health, immune support, and anti-aging. [5]

Catharine Arnston Algae Expert

Catharine Arnston

Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits®

Benefits of Algae

Learn about the many benefits of algae in this short but informative interview with ENERGYbits Founder/CEO Catharine Arnston.

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