Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Partner programs

Note: To sign up as an Ambassador or Affiliate, you will be required to fill out a PDF signup form we send to you via email. Please email us at and introduce yourself and your business interests to begin this process. The signup link on this page is only for active affiliates who wish to track their sales.

Thank you for your interest in joining ENERGYbits® as a Brand Ambassador or Affiliate Partner. Congratulations! You are joining a highly-respected group of sports, fitness, nutrition and wellness professionals and athletes who pride themselves on being nourished, healthy and fit naturally. We are excited to have you join us so you can help others do the same while taking your own health and performance to the next level.

This page lists explains our Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Partner programs. The programs are identical other than the following difference:

  1. Brand Ambassadors and Athlete Ambassadors are individuals
  2. Affiliates are businesses

Any individual or business involved with sports, fitness, wellness, nutrition or beauty can join us as an Affiliate Partner but only individuals can become Brand Ambassadors. Other than this one exception, all benefits are the same for both programs, including your customized 20% discount code and earning 10% sales commissions on all bags purchased with your code. And if you are not allowed or not interested in receiving cash (paid as checks) from your 10% sales commissions, you can select to receive a bag of our algae tablets instead. Every 10 bags sold with your discount code, you qualify for a FREE bag (minus the shipping costs). You can log into your Ambassador or Affiliate Partner account at any time to see your sales in real time. If you have any questions just contact us at 617-886-5106 or We love hearing from you! Welcome to Team Bits®!


Discount Icon

20% Discount

Receive a personalized 20% discount code to share with your community (and yourself!). You have no cost, inventory, or risk.

10% Commission Icon

10% Commission

Earn a 10% sales commission on each bag of BITS® sold with your code. You can view all of your sales in real time through your account.

Free Bits® Icon

Optional Free BITS®

Instead of earning cash commissions you can receive a FREE bag of BITS® of your choice for every ten bags you have sold with your code (minus shipping).

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Our BITS® Community

Meet other passionate, healthy ambassadors, athletes, clubs, and businesses. Let us know about your achievements so we can feature you and congratulate you on all our social media!

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Postcards and Promotional

Receive complimentary postcards with your promo code to share with your community and FREE samples, and ENERGYbits® swag for your special events or special achievements!

A Growing Brand Icon

Our Growing Brand

Be a part of our brand's growing buzz and national visibility as we take off! It will be an exciting ride!

How It Works

Discount Code Icon

Discount Code

You receive a personalized discount code to use and share with your community. They get a discount and you earn a sales commission whenever it is used. Don't forget to use it too!

Performance Tracking Icon

Performance Tracking

Your sales, commissions (or free bags) earned are tracked from the moment your code is active. You receive a performance report with every check (or earned bag) we send you! You can also securely view your performance online in real time through your account.

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Each time you sell ten bags we pay your commissions earned on those ten bags! If you choose to have a FREE bag instead of a check, we will send you a coupon for a your FREE bag (minus shipping) for every ten bags you have sold.

Let's Get Started

How to Sign Up

To sign up as an Ambassador or Affiliate, please email us at and introduce yourself and your interests.

How To Log In

To access your account, simply click the login button below and sign in with your customer account email address and password. If you don't have a customer account, please create an account and email us at so that we can set you up!