Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our products.

How many products do you have? WE HAVE FOUR PRODUCTS

  Taking our BITS daily R.E.V.S. up your life and your health 


1. RECOVERYbits® are 100% Chlorella algae. They are called RECOVERYbits® because they help build your immune system, and absorb toxins. Great for kids!

2. ENERGYbits® are 100% Spirulina algae, They are called ENERGYbits® because they give you fast and enduring energy – both physically and mentally. They have 64% protein and are equally beneficial for consumers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, students or anyone who needs more energy and protein. Hate green? These are your answer!

3. VITALITYbits® are 50% Chlorella algae and 50% Spirulina algae. They are called VITALITYbits® because they build your immune system AND give you energy. This dynamic duo gives you lots of vitality.

4. SKINNYbits® are 100% Spirulina algae. They are called SKINNYbits® because they have a high concentration of protein (64%) so a handful fills you up for hours, all for just ONE calorie per tab. They also have 40 nutrients as well as the Essential Fatty Acid GLA which leaves you full and satisfied. If you want to lose weight, curb your appetite,hate greens or just have a healthy, high protein snack this is the one for you.

Who should take algae tabs? EVERYONE. Our algae BITS™  are so safe and contain so much nutrition that anyone of any age will benefit enormously from them. Athletes, runners, teams, fitness enthusiasts, children, working professionals,  moms, students, grandparents and everyone in between. Even pets. Our algae is for everyone.

How many do you take? WE RECOMMEND 30 TABS/PER SERVING. Most people need 30 tabs to feel an increase in energy and 30 tabs/day to experience a difference in their health. But before you gasp in horror, remember our bits are FOOD, not pills. Think of them as you would nuts. You wouldn’t eat just one nut if you were hungry, would you? No, you would likely have a handful (which would be about 200-300 calories. Instead, why not have a handful of 30 tabs for 30 calories, get 40 nutrients and vitamins, no fat and be full for hours. Of course, we want you to be the judge and if you only need 15 tabs to feel full and energized, that's perfect! By the way, most people swallow their BITS! You can also chew them but they taste REALLY green and will temporarily stick a bit to your teeth. Bottom line, take as many as you want .

When do I take ENERGYbits® or SKINNYbits®? Take them all day but we recommend them in the morning to help you wake up for your busy day. Also be sure to take them BEFORE a run or any athletic or mental activity. Also take them whenever are hungry or tired, before a meal if you want to eat less, or instead of a meal if you are on a weight loss program.  

When do I take RECOVERYbits®? Take them all day but we recommend them in the evening since they help you detox and repair your body while you are sleeping. Take RECOVERYbits® after drinking alcohol to help reduce the chance of hangover. And, if you take them before a meal, they will help with digestion and IBS.

Is there a maximum you can take? Not really because they are food. But like everything, its best to listen to your own body.Each tab is just ONE calorie and is over 60% protein so they are a fast, easy, efficient and healthy snack to have any time of day. Our Founder has 100-150 tabs every day and she feels great! By the way, once you are taking 30 tabs/day, your body will be getting so much nutrition, you may not need other vitamins, your desire for snack foods or sugar will also be reduced or disappear completely and you'll probably will buy fewer groceries. Sweet.

Why do I need to take so many? BECAUSE THEY ARE TINY. That’s why we call them “BITS.” And like we said,  you don’t eat just one nut at a time do you?  Well, our BITS are the same way. You need a handful of them to get rid of hunger or to boost your energy. Think of them as a “BIT” of a low calorie, high protein meal or snack.  We made them this tiny because  most people swallow them and since many people have a swallowing disorder, we wanted it to be easy for them. Besides, we think they’re cute this way.

Is there a maximum number you can take? NO Just like you can’t overdose on a salad, you can’t really overdose on algae either. Remember, our algae BITS are FOOD. They are NOT pills. In fact, they are the most nutritionally dense food in the world and even NASA is quoted as saying: “1 kg of algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 kg of fruits and vegetables.” So algae has 1,000 times more nutrition than anything else in the world. Wow! That's quite an endorsement. We’re blushing. We’re excited for you because once you start taking algae, your body will soak up the nutrition like a sponge.

Are there any negative side affects? NO. There are no reported negative side affects. Well, that is, unless you consider great health, unlimited energy and a life full of vitality a negative side affect? We do however want to be sure you know that RECOVERYbits® are 100% chlorella which will help detox you. So, if you have lot of toxins in your body (from mercury, alcohol, processed food etc) you may experience some detox side affects such as mild headaches, temporary acne, short term stomach upset.

These side affects would occur regardless of what method of detox you chose. So you are not reacting to the algae, just to your detox. During a detox, the toxins are pulled out of your cells and enter your blood stream and on their way OUT of your body, they cause detox symptoms.  It doesn’t happen to everyone but when it does, it could last two to ten days. Most people experience no detox affects. If you do, be assured you are NOT having an allergic reaction to the algae, you are just detoxing. But wouldn’t you rather put up with a few days of inconvenience to get rid of toxins that otherwise would stay in your body, silently doing damage? There are no known detox side affects from ENERGYbits®, SKINNYbits® or VITALITYbits® just from RECOVERYbits®. And the only other rare negative reaction you may have from any of our algae will likely be from the intense nutrition found in it. For example, high amounts of niacin very rarely but occassionally cause a mild flushing in the face and the high concentration of beta carotene very rarely but occassionally may cause swelling of your lip but ONLY if you chew them. If you have any of these reactions please know they are temporary and not dangerous. Please always consult your medical physician if you have any concerns.

How do you take them? SWALLOW THEM. We suggest you swallow your BITS with a glass of water. Be sure to drink lots of water anyway because your body needs it to process protein. A few brave souls chew their ™ into  smoothies, yogurt or juice (great for kids), sprinkle them over salads or crush them into peanut butter. We like to eat ours with berries. Yum Yum. The options are endless. You get the same health benefits whether you swallow or chew them and will  turbo charge your meals or your snacks with nutrition when you do. 

What do they taste like?  GREEN” AND A BIT LIKE NUTS We’re not actually sure if “green” is a flavor but if you chew your BITS™ you will find they taste green! If you swallow them, there is no taste and there is also no after taste or "repeat" (as you find with fish oil). The "green" flavor is all natural and is because algae has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world (five times more than wheat grass). And, since ENERGYbits® and SKINNYbits®  have a higher concentration of protein and Essential Fatty Acids (like Omega 3),  than our other BITS, they are “chewier.  So if you do chew them, they may stick to your teeth for a few seconds but after you swish with water, it will be gone. Our RECOVERYbits® do not stick to your teeth

When do you take them? ANYTIME. Take them morning, noon and night. Take them all day or all night. You can take them alone or with food. If you take them before meals, you may want to eat less, and they will aid your digestion.  But since they do different things, here’s an easy rule of thumb:

RECOVERYbits® Take any time, but are really before bed. Great for kids to build their immune system.  Take them AFTER drinking alcohol.

ENERGYbits ® Take any time but are really great in the morning. Take them BEFORE a run or any athletic or mental activity

VITALITYbits®Take any time of day or night. These are a great replacement for your one-a-day vitamiin

SKINNYbits® Take any time when hungry. Take  BEFORE any athletics or BEFORE/INSTEAD of meals to help reduce appetite

You can really take any of our BITS any time but if you want a superior athletic performance, take ENERGYbits®  BEFORE your work out and if you want to help reduce a hangover, take RECOVERYbits® AFTER drinking wine or alcohol. We suggest  40- 50 BITS. The bigger your build and the more alcohol you have consumed, the more BITS you will need.  ’’ Thank you Mom Nature.  By the way, none of our algae bits will disturb your sleep and in fact, the high protein in them will likely help you sleep better. Night nite.

Are they safe?  YES.  Our algae bits are 100% safe for all ages, from babies to seniors. Algae has been safely used for over 50 years worldwide (including in the USA for over 40 years). Even new born babies in Japan are fed algae if they cannot digest mothers milk  since its nutritional profile is almost identical to mothers milk. Remember,. BITS are food, not pills, so they have no drug interactions, no chemicals, no sugar, no caffeine, no gluten, nothing artificial. Just jaw dropping amounts of protein and nutrition. We grow ours organically ,  nbsp; .

Is there research to back this up?  YES. There have been 100,000 scientific and nutritional studies done on algae, making it the most studied food in the world. Not a single negative side affect has ever been found. Guess that’s why NASA has been feeding algae to astronauts for over 40 years. But keep in mind, that not all algae suppliers are equal. Be sure you are buying yours from a highly reputable source, like us! We have the highest production standards in the world (we have ISO 9000 certification, GMP certification and are NON GMO approved). We have spent years to ensure we use only the top techniques and have the highest quality control standards and measures.  If you want to put the best algae in your body, you've come to the right place.

What’s in them? ONE INGREDIENT - ALGAE. That’s it. Nothing else. Nada. Zippo. No sugar, no caffeine, no gluten, no soy,  no additives, no GMO, no preservatives, no binders, nothing artificial, nothing added, nothing subtracted. Just 100% algae. 100% green, 100% healthy, 100% raw, 100% pure. Straight from Mother Nature. Thanks Mom.

What are the benefits? ENDLESS BENEFITS. The list of benefits is   almost endless.  Our algae tabs are loaded with protein and nutrition, which is why you  feel so good when you take them. They are particularly beneficial to anyone who travels a lot including executives or professional athletes and performers who need energy and protein to keep their endurance and performance edge. Our high protein BITS are a portable, predictable and guaranteed source of protein and nutrition - something that is tough to find when you are always travelling to meetings, games, competitions and performances. BITS are your answer. They deliver nutrition and slip into your pocket so they can travel everywhere with you. The nutritional profiles of our algae tabs are actually so long that we couldn’t possibly list everything here. So check out the labels on each product page.  

Is there a difference between the tabs? YES.

RECOVERYbits®  detoxes you, helps builds your immune system,   helps reduce hangovers and aids digestion

ENERGYbits®      give you physical and mental energy and is a healthy, high protein snack.

VITALITYbits®       are best for overall wellness and longevity

SKINNYbits®         help reduce hunger, helps you lose weight, reduces your appetite and gives you energy

ALL of our BITS have the highest concentration of protein found in the world (over 60%), the highest concentration of beta carotene, iron, chlorophyll and antioxidants in the world, over 40 vitamins including most B vitamins and electrolytes including magnesium, potassium and much more.   All for just one calorie per tab.

Is your algae really that amazing?  YES.  Algae is the super hero of “super foods. Why? Because research shows that algae has the most dense nutritional profile of anything in the world so it helps your body and your immune system to work efficiently. It also grows so quickly and releases so much oxygen to the air that it is being identified as the possible solution to the environmental crisis and deteriorating ozone layer. So it’s good for you and mother earth too. Makes sense. After all, algae has been here a lot longer than we have.

Did you know it was the first plant life of earth 2.5 billion years ago? Want to help save our planet earth? Then please take algae and tell your friends to take it too. Algae even generates so much energy while its growing, that it is also being heralded as the energy solution for the world (aka bio-fuel).  And if that wasn’t enough good news, for the last forty years, algae has been considered the answer to world hunger. We hope to do our part with world hunger once we get bigger. But first we want to help you get your health and energy back, so that’s our focus right now. We hope that the launch of our algae tabs will help you understand the wonders of algae including its remarkable ability to build your immune system, give you energy and help to remove toxins, reduce hunger, help with weight lose and more, all while delivering all your nutritional needs for one calorie per tab. Algae may even help keep you young because of its high concentration of DNA/RNA.

How much protein is in each serving? You get an average of 5 grams of protein in a serving of 30 tabs.

But, in reality, the amount of protein that your body gets from our BITS is much higher. This is because 100% of the protein in our algae bits is bio-available. In other words, your body absorbs ALL of it. This is in contrast to animal protein which is only 22% protein and on average, you only absorbe 10% - 20% of it. This is because most of us don't have all the necessary co-factors and enzymes in our intestines to break the protein down to amino acids. The ONLY way your body can absorb  protein is in amino acid form. But the protein in algae is ALREADY IS IN AMINO ACID so you absorb it all. As a result, your body is actually absorbing up to 10 times more than the number above suggests. So the bio-available amount of protein in a single serving of 30 tabs is as if you had eaten 50 grams of protein.