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This Podcast Burns Fat Podcast Recap

Podcast Notes

  • Catharine Arnston, Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits® joins Dr. Lori Shemek and Omar Cumberbatch on This Podcast Burns Fat! They chat about how easy it is to upgrade your health with algae.
  • Dr. Lori Shemek PhD, CNC, CLC is a nutrition and weight loss expert, best selling author, and pioneer in discovering the core cause of weight. Inflamed cells. Her co-host Omar Cumberbatch is the founder of The Health Coach Academy and has studied hundreds of lifestyle coaching methods.They discuss the strain the pandemic and quarantine has put on people’s health. ENERGYbits spirulina algae an easy way to get the nutrients you need without having to cook or clean. When your body gets those nutrients, you feel better and more energized. Along with that, RECOVERYbits chlorella algae will help detox your body! With the stress that we have all been putting our bodies through (and the stress eating we all may be doing) RECOVERYbits can help you stay healthy and get back on track!
  • Both Dr. Shemek and Omar agree, algae is a no hassle way to improve your health from the inside out. If you want to find out from Dr. Shemek and Catharine how algae can help on a cellular level, listen to THIS episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

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