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Life and Health Matters Podcast Recap

Podcast Notes

  • Catharine Arnston, Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits® is a guest on Dr. Shakib’s podcast Life and Health Matters. They explore the ins and outs of algae, and how Catharine discovered how it helps everyone.
  • Dr. Mamak Shakib is a licensed Chiropractor with an interest in the “right” and “wrong” ways the body moves, and how to reprogram the brain to have your body move the “right” way. Dr. Shakib has been a pioneer in the wellness community for over 20 years. On her podcast Life and Health Matters, she not only discusses the brain and body but all aspects of life! With her gusts, she discusses purpose in life and how you impact others.
  • In this episode of Life and Health Matters, Dr. Shakib begins by inquiring about the way ENERGYbits® algae is grown. They discuss what makes it so pure and nutrient dense, and why each specific step is so important to the quality of the product. Catharine gives a rundown of the two main types of algae, and how their nutrients assist human health and wellness. Additionally, they talk about the pros and cons of algae in tablet form versus powder form. What makes ENERGYbits® so easy to take wherever you go? Last, they wrap up their chat with the relevant topic of immune health. With the entire world worried about the current sweep of Coronavirus, everyone is thinking about how to boost and keep strong immune systems.
  • To find out more about the benefits of ENERGYbits®, tune into this episode of Life and Health Matters with Dr. Shakib. Get the inside scoop about how you can boost your immune system and more with algae!

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