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Kiki & The Muse Podcast Recap

Podcast Notes

  • Catharine Arnston, Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits® joins hosts Kiki Athanas and Amber Allen on their Podcast Kiki & The Muse. They chat about ENERGYbits® humble beginnings and how far the company has come!
  • Kiki and Amber are far from health professionals. However, they are on a quest to find experts who are knowledgeable about health and wellness. They want to share professional knowledge and experiences with their listeners. With topics ranging from superfoods to crystals, Kiki and Amber want to share how to live healthy, natural lives.
  • In this episode of Kiki & The Muse, Catharine gives them a rundown of how she began ENERGYbits®, and the benefits of both spirulina and chlorella. They talk about chlorella (RECOVERYbits®), and how important it is especially while we are all worried about COVID-19. Catharine explains the different nutrients contained in chlorella, and how they boost the immune system. This is especially important while trying to protect yourself from viruses. They go on to talk about the company’s start in sports nutrition. Spirulina ( ENERGYbits® ) is good for almost everything, and many athletes use it before their workout. Along with over 40 nutrients, the immense amount of protein helps fuel a workout naturally. Athletes will also use RECOVERYbits® post-workout to pull out lactic acid. More recently, the company has been gaining interest from audiences across the board from beauty gurus to chiropractic doctors!
  • There are so many ways ENERGYbits® could help, and Catharine covers them all with Kiki and Amber. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, beauty, athletic performance, or general wellness, listen to this episode of Kiki & The Muse Podcast to find out which algae is best for you!

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