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Bicycle On Grass

Reboot in Time for Fall

Now that the lazy days of summer are over its time to give your body a reboot! Changing seasons can be a challenge to your immune system but it’s easy to enjoy fall if you eat nutrient dense meals, exercise and take...

summer beach scene

Travel Is Better With Bits

Want to stay healthy, energized, and strong while trotting around the globe (or your hometown)? Whether you’re heading out on an international trip or enjoying a local staycation, be sure to include the healthiest AND...

beach with umbrellas in summer

Beach Ready with BITS of Summer!

Bikini season is officially here and at ENERGYbits® we’re all about helping you get and maintain your best bod for the summer season and every season. What’s our insider’s secret to staying lean year-round? Algae! How...

Heart Health

Five Keys to a Healthy Heart

Did you know cardiovascular disease remains the #1 killer in the USA?1 It’s a scary statistic if you do nothing . . . but hope remains, if you take action. By following these key lifestyle habits, you can achieve a...