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Awesome Health Podcast Recap

Podcast Notes

  • Catharine Arnston, Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits® joins Wade Lightheart on Awesome Health Podcast to chat about Catharine’s journey with algae and how she discovered this rockstar health food!
  • Wade Lightheart is an author, bodybuilding champion, advisor, and nutritionist. When Wade discovered that healthy digestion has many benefits, he turned his life around and focused on healing his digestion and researching so he could help others do the same. Awesome Health Podcast is fun and informative show sharing tools to transform anyone’s digestion, health and life!
  • In this episode of Awesome Health Podcast, Wade and Catharine discuss the similar stories that brought them into the wellness industry. In researching ways to help their family members get well, they both stumbled upon their life-long mission. For Wade, this was showing others that a healthy gut leads to wellness in every facet. Following this, Catharine explains how she started her journey in helping others see the benefits of algae with ENERGYbits®. Undoubtedly, algae is extremely beneficial for healthy digestion, Catharine and Wade get in-depth with the different nutrients in algae and how it promotes digestion.
  • It is so easy to start feeling your best! If you begin by helping your inside, it will reflect on the outside. Learn about digestive health and algae in this episode of Awesome Health Podcast.

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